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Search Engine Optimisation


SEO AustraliaOnline marketing is a thorough exercise that uses the internet to promote goods and services online. It includes various services such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising such as web banner advertising, content marketing and mobile advertising.

Online marketing has grown exponentially due to its ability to reach millions of people is a short and unlimited time. If online marketing is well done, reaching a company’s target audience is usually not hard a task and you can also reach just about anyone worldwide. TV and radio advertisements just don’t wield as much power as an online pop up advertisement.

Besides it being extremely fast and easy, online marketing is also significantly cheaper compared to other marketing services. Granted, in certain situations it can be slightly costly, for example if you want a banner or link placed on a very popular website, this may cost you. But you may find other cheaper means, affordable for just about any business, to advertise online. An example of such is a link placed on the said popular website if banners may be too extreme financially.

The online marketing services work hand in hand and rarely can one do without the other. For instance, content marketing and search engine optimization work together.

The kind of content you choose for your website will determine whether traffic will increase and guarantee return visitors and yield results or whether they will not find your website at all. Unique content is great for search engine optimization. Content marketing requires a lot of work; you need to know who will write your content, about what topics and where the content will be distributed. You need to know if you can market your content optimally, if not, you can try to hire content marketers.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an online marketing service that can sees to it that your website appears every time particular words are keyed in and appears among the first ones, if not the first one. These words may also be determined by your content. Some of the methods used for SEO are keyword research and strategy, on page SEO that is titles, heading, URLs, navigations, body content etc. Experts do analysis and reports on you website and searches involved and advise you on how to proceed with SEO marketing.

Social media has opened a whole new platform for business people to market their products and interact with their customers effectively. The importance and impact of social media cannot be ignored and hence most companies are using this opportunity to advertise and market their products. Social media campaigns can be set up for your products and together with some SEO incorporation, you website traffic and results is bound to increase.

Local marketing is a service that enables you to maximize on your online marketing geographically. If you are selling local products, local marketing can ensure that people within a particular geographical area get to see your online advertisements.

Pay Per Click is also a highly effective online marketing strategy. With this service, however, you need to be able to adjust to new data and use the new information to enhance online marketing for your product.


The Innovative Way To Get More Traffic


SEO SydneyThe most important thing that often frustrates online business is the lack of traffic on their website. Many times there is nothing wrong at all in the website. It is designed very well by professionals and the portfolio is also full of some quality content. But still it sits in the corner, being totally ignored for some unknown reason. The task of taking up a website from zero to hundred and then to thousand visitors is no easy thing. It requires a great deal of planning. To put it straight, the online world is more like attention economy. Also, attention is finite making is scarce. So, if you want to get more website traffic you need to earn it. The most important thing in this case is to be creative.


How to get started?


Having less website traffic can be a big issue especially for those who are deeply involved in internet business. There is nothing to feel down or depressed. Working it out in the right way helps to achieve success. There are certain steps that are bound to prove beneficial.


Creating an outstanding blog


A blog when used in a proper way can earn you some good amount of visitors. Remember blogs are not meant only when you get a new client, promoting something, selling a product. Blogs should not be a personal diary where you put about your doings. It should consist of some useful information and content. The content should be engaging, useful, valuable and moreover an entertaining material. Put out the thoughts in clear distinct ideas which people can easily relate to.


Give some valuable information for free


Learn to take advantage of the spreadability of the internet. Bring out some useful information for the people. This can be anything between the first chapter of a novel, a designed template, a report, one track of your album or anything related to your business. People will only talk about your website only if it is unique or when it offers something that is unique. You must also make sure that you have plenty of things in your stock like product or services in case someone wants to take the things further.


Circulate the content


It is the time when social networking sites can turn out to be helpful. These are perfect places to circulate your content in terms of blogs, posts, and videos. You can also use the portfolio sites to put up your work at a place where people will visit.


How does SEO help?


SEO role

SEO is one of the most convenient ways to increase the traffic flow into the website. The first thing to do is to include an appealing title tag. The title tag is the first thing that visitors notice in the search engine. This way it needs to very engaging and appealing. The page is optimized to contain the main keywords and to encourage visitors to click on it. It is also important to have good Meta tags for every page of the website which describes the page. Keywords are the most important Meta tags. For an online business it is also essential to include proper URLs that are search engine friendly. Using simple URLs will help visitors remember it. This way it increases website traffic. Linking the keywords to the home page is another task that is performed. A website that consists of proper keywords and links is expected to have a higher search engine ranking. This will definitely increase traffic. There are some other ways too like to include semantic code, obtaining relevant inbound link.


Lastly, remember that none of the methods are a quick solution. It is a matter of time, persistence and effort. These methods are enough to get more website traffic and to bring a success to your online business.


How To Increase Website Traffic


SEO Services SydneyThe importance of having a website for every company cannot be underrated. While it is indeed an achievement to design a great website, more work is still needed to ensure that there is traffic to your site. Here is how to increase website traffic:


Optimization has to do with the meta title, keywords, and description. Keywords are a crucial aspect. Use long tail keywords, as popular keywords are extremely competitive. It’s better to target long-tail keywords, as in the end, they will drive traffic to your site. Making use of tools like HitTail and Google’s keyword tool helps you know what keywords are more promising.

Link Building

Ensure that you have links to authority sites on your website. You could request people you interact with to include links to your site on theirs. This may include clients, partners, the press, and even your alumni association. This will help your website’s page rank to improve dramatically, which results in high traffic.

Content Marketing

Quality, relevant content is a great way to increase traffic to your site. Ensure that you only post high quality content that people can read and share on the various social networking sites- Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and many more. Better still, if Google finds it newsworthy, you are ensured of a high ranking. Bloggers and the media will also link to your site as a reference.

Keep off Black Hat Techniques

Over time, people master how Google ranks results in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), and try build content on their sites in a way that the search engine can easily give their site a high page ranking. This may work for a while, but in the long term, if especially you have sacrificed relevance and quality for search engines, you will be penalized. Your site page ranking could be extremely lowered, and it will take quite some time and effort to re-gain a good Page Ranking.

Stay in the Race

Don’t just occasionally post articles and quality content. You need to keep doing it, not for a few months, but as frequently, and over the years, as with time this is what will result in high traffic.

Have a Company Blog

All through, we have emphasized on optimization, link building and high quality, relevant content. This works best on a company blog. It will ensure that your main pages do not have too much text which hinders navigation on your site. Just have a blog where you can post additional information on your company and niche.

Utilize Expert Guest Posts

Many people look up to expert opinions. Asking experts in your niche to put up guest posts on your blog will increase traffic to your site. They already have followers. When people read the article done by the experts, your brand will get more exposure.

Answer questions

Respond to people’s questions. Google does prioritize sites that provide answers to people’s concerns and questions.

Involve an SEO consultant

Involving a SEO consultant makes the work easier for you. They are experts in the field, and have up to date information on what is trending. Some optimization is a bit technical, for instance, meta titles. They are better placed to advise you on how to increase website traffic.


Getting Onto Page 1 Of Google


SEORanking on the first page on Google results based on selected keywords is something that all sites aim to achieve. If the site is an ecommerce site, ranking high on Google can make or break the business. For site owners, the first step in the journey to high ranking on Google results start with consulting SEO professionals. This article looks into how to get more traffic through higher Google search results ranking.

Back in the day, Google relied on keywords to rank pages. However, the search giant had to abandon the practice after marketers started to stuff pages with keywords. Google now uses a complicated algorithm to rank pages.

Search engines gives professionally developed, clean, and organized for visitors higher ranking. Clean code, relevant URL, title, Meta tags, headers, and related code information signals presence of relevant and credible information on the site. A study done early this year confirmed that well coded sites generally rank higher.

Although marketers abused keyword integration in the past, Google still uses keywords in page ranking. The penguin updates cracked down on web spam but still keywords are used. Google bots rely on keywords to figure the information on a web page.

Studies suggest that placing keywords on headings, title, and Meta SEO Campbelltown descriptions and HTM content produces good results. Placing keywords closer to the beginning work better but keywords on domains and URL does not appear to correlate with higher rankings. This suggests that keywords on the body of the text are equally important as those in the domain and URL.

Based on the number of words, Google search algorithm show bias for longer text. This means that Google thinks that longer text is likely to be quality and relevant.

Internal links are important for site visitors and Google ranks well internally linked web pages higher.

Off page factors, also matter when ranking results, they cannot be ignored when strategizing on how to get more traffic. Back links, for example, are extremely valuable. Google considers back links as third party SEO Specialists Sydneyendorsement of a website. Because back links can be manipulated, 2013 updates aimed to weed out the practice of creating link farms. Therefore, the quality of links pointing to your site matters a lot. Links from sites considered spammy hurt ranking. Google appears to consider quantity of links, origin of the linking site, ratio of no followed to followed links, and branded links.

Another important factor in ranking is social signals. Site engagement in social media and specifically in Facebook and Google Plus leads to higher ranking. Apparently, Google thinks that sites with high social media engagement are more relevant.

Brand recognition, of course, leads to higher ranking. An entry on Wikipedia about classical Greece, for example, is ranked higher compared to a similar entry is a less known site. Similarly, companies and well known brands do better on search results even without the companies investing so much on SEO.

All the factors discussed above have to considered and implemented on your site to rank higher. Finding a good SEO company is critical because some SEO tactics may backfire. For instance, linking to dubious sites may see your site lose ranking. The first step to higher ranking therefore starts with hiring a reputable SEO company.


Google Panda Update..Have You Heard Of It ?


Campbelltown SEOWhat was the Google Panda Update? Many who have just stepped foot into the world of Internet marketing and search engine optimization often wonder what this update actually was. Also referred to as Google Farmer, it is a program that learns from human preferences and user surveys. Navneet Panda, a Machine Learning expert and Google engineer, created this program. It was back on February 24, 2011 that the Google “Panda Update” was introduced.
A Machine Language Algorithm (MLA) update is a part of Google Panda that uses artificial intelligence in a more scalable and sophisticated way than before. This update Google’s algorithm was introduced to measure and scrutinize the quality of content, and to judge the originality, relevancy and uniqueness of content. Elements such as designs, graphics, quality links and other paraphernalia started to be inspected by Google ever since it was introduced. A very important role is played by the update in Google search engine ranking. This is the reason SEO experts prefer to think of it as more of a ranking factor rather than an algorithm update.
How Does The Panda Update Work?
The Panda Update acts as a filter on Google’s search engine results. Desirable and undesirable characteristics of websites are determined by using survey data. It means good search results and more organic traffic that can help a site get a better ranking in Google. The update guarantees “high quality content” that is enjoyable, interesting, pleasing and rich in adequate data and statistics.

Google Panda & Content

When it comes to content that adheres to the Google Panda Update, the top 3 results should not have a more than 0.5% keyword density. A top 3 search result should not have a content volume more than 2400 words (3C). Rather than putting a keyword on the URL, inserting it in the title is a more reliable factor. Using keyword is a more important factor rather than exact keyword in the meta description or perfectly matching domains. Content should be adequate, engaging, enjoyable and pleasing. Google now incentivizes fresh, good and relevant content.
Significant Panda Updates:
February 24, 2011 – Update 1.0
April 11, 2011 – Update 2.0
May 10, 2011 – Update 2.1
June 16, 2011 – Update 2.2
July 23, 2011 – Update 2.3
In March 2012, another important Panda Update was introduced to state Google’s new “over-optimization penalty”. Now, Google penalizes works with low quality that are over optimized.

Effects of Google Panda:

As a result of the Panda Update, Google’s ability of detecting scraper sites has improved and they are banished from the SERPs. Almost 12% changes have been brought in the search results as a result of this update. The consequence was that the rankings of news sites and social networking sites rose significantly. On the other hand, the rankings of “thin sites” or “low-quality sites” dropped down. Duplicate or thin content is now treated as a low ROI tactic. Copied or spammy content is now either penalized or banned. Deeper skill sets need to be acquired by search engine optimizers.
Most SEO experts and webmasters have started recognizing it as a ranking factor and not just an algorithm update. The Google Panda update has caused a lot of chaos but the only way of recovering and getting better rankings it to be out of those old SEO methods.


Manipulating Google For Better Rankings


Since the recent crackdown by Google Penguin, many changes have been visible in the world of SEO. Those who practiced Black Hat SEO techniques have been penalized, while the White Hat webmasters gained page rankings. Although there are some Black Hat practitioners still gaining high rankings, it is just for a short period.

For long-term purposes, nothing outdoes the White Hat SEO tactics, especially since the Google Penguin Update. So what are some of the advanced techniques you can use after the post Penguin Update?

Google Authorship and Social Sharing

The use of Google Authorship comes with a number of benefits such as faster indexing, higher click-through rate, and building of authority where users are able to see your work and the number of followers you have.

However, remember that you cannot improve on your page ranking just simply by having a Google Authorship on your blog. You should share your blog posts with authoritative social networks like Google+. Also, interact with other authoritative users.

This is advantageous since it will coincide with the way Google judges content – through social shares. So be sure to get others to post your articles on their pages. The only way to achieve this is by creating a quality article. This is because everyone would like to post a great article content.

Google Authorship Rank Outdoes the Page Ranking

Page Rank works with the idea that if something is important, then other sites will link to it. Unfortunately, this simple idea has become messier over the years where webmasters can create thousands of microsites, and linking them to their sites. Others even exchange links with hundreds of unrelated sites – just to drive leads to their sites.

The Google Penguin counters these Black Hat SEO methods by downgrading sites with high percentage of inbound links that are of low quality and from unrelated sites. Even though Google still judges site authority by inbound links, it favors the Authorship stats to the Page Ranks. The Google Author Rank is not easily manipulated.

Only Useful Link Building

In the traditional sense, this term has lost its meaning. But some link buildings can be of great help and worthwhile. All you need to do is focus on acquiring links from legit, high valued and well-regarded sites. The links should actually send traffic to your website and not just for SEO benefits.

Local SEO links

You gain more citations when you create profiles in outstanding and relevant directories. This can boost your company’s reputation and authority for the local web searches. Some of the common sites include YelloPages, Bing Local, Yelp, Foursquare, Yahoo Local, and CitySearch.

Local business directories have SEO benefits. The most notable one is the improvement of your standing in the map search results. This works better when you are actively involved with the Google+ and Google Places. Although most of the Local Directories provide a �No-Follow’ link, which has a minimal page rank value, it can still send visitors to your site.

If creating profiles prove difficult, you can hire services from the likes of Citygrid, Localeze and Yext. They can get dozens of sites where you can edit your entry. However, it is advisable to create the entries manually or pay for the services in the initial months, just to make sure that your business info is uniformly displayed across the web.

User Satisfaction

This is the most important goal in a website – and not the Page Ranking, as most webmasters would think. While most SEO elements can be manipulated, user satisfaction cannot. For example, if users have a tendency of staying on a site after clicking its link in the search results, then it simply means that they are satisfied with the site. But if they go back to the search results, it implies the users aren’t satisfied.

To test for your user satisfaction, you can use Google’s Customer Satisfaction Surveys where users are asked about the overall satisfaction.

Website Speed

A slow website can hurt your page rankings by lowering visitor satisfaction. Rather than focusing on pleasing the Google search engine, you should put more focus on website usability. Just give users what they want and everything will be fine.

Some of these usability tasks include:

  • Fix errors found on crawling tools like Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Improve on your load speed by using recommendations from PageSight Insights
  • Create actionable and useful content
  • Use video since great video content tends to keep visitors engaged
  • Use Google Analytics to learn about visitor actions, which will help you adjust your website accordingly

Generally, when it comes to SEO, most webmasters will always prefer SEO tactics that will ensure faster Page ranking. Nevertheless, for long-term purposes, White Hat methods will never disappoint. But if you are impatient, like most people, you can use the Grey Hat SEO tactics (and some bit of Black Hat methods) just to gain a faster ranking. You can then employ the White Hat to keep afloat.


SEO Consultants Sydney


Search engine optimization has over the years established itself as one of the most integral component of effective inbound marketing strategy. Now more than ever, many individuals and businesses are embracing this highly lucrative online marketing strategy. While organic search is free, it can be quite challenging to get top results when implementing it as an online marketing strategy.


This makes it absolutely necessary to outsource the services of professionals that possess the prerequisite skills and experience in handling diverse SEO projects. Naturally, there has been an extensive proliferation of firms that offer this invaluable services, and even SEO consultants in Sydney, which can make it even tougher to hire the right one for your distinct needs. This is, however, not impossible, and by taking your time to reflect on your actual needs, and the available budget, you can successfully find a professional that will satisfy you.


Like earlier stated, there is an overabundance of companies that primarily focus on SEO, many promising fantastic results that they don’t deliver. It can sometimes be a prudent idea to opt for the services of professional SEO consultants in Sydney over their established counterparts.


Some of the conspicuous benefits you can receive from making such a decision include:


Cost effectiveness

Quite often many emerging businesses that might wish to launch a professional SEO marketing strategy, balk at the sometimes exorbitant charges most SEO firms demand for their services. This, however, doesn’t apply to Seo consultants Sydney, and most of them offer extremely pocket-friendly solutions that can fit into most budgets, and doesn’t affect the unmatched quality of the end product.



Some of the top SEO consultants in Sydney operate as freelancers, which invariably means that they are extremely flexible in their approach to their work, and can formulate an excellent strategy that is fully customized to your specific needs. This is sometimes unlike what most SE O companies do.


“Hands on” approach

SEO consultants in Sydney are not tied down by the bureaucracy that is endemic in established companies, and make it their business, after carrying out a research your firm’s given niche, to formulate sure-fire SEO strategies that can be rapid in their effect to your business’s website. These professionals work according to their clients’ specifications, and don’t have to stick to an organization’s policies, which makes them highly versatile.


Unmatched expertise

Most leading SEO consultants in Sydney are naturally, very experienced and have insider knowledge of the ever changing SEO trends. This ensures that every solution they utilize is up to par with the industry’s best practices standards. Such as appropriate sitemaps, keyword density, and an effective and natural keyword integration into your website’s content.


Time efficient and lucrative ROI

These experts can also perform their operations in an extremely timely manner, and even more important, ensure that they document the projected ROI (return of investment). This is usually done using top of the range software that can make an analytical evaluation of the effects of their services. This can enable you to accurately track the effect of your website being search engine optimized.



SEO Services Sydney


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the needle that threads the Internet web page ranking, which is a specialty of SEO services Sydney needs. It is of paramount importance, where in a search query a website page will rank. While the average SEO company are reluctant to conduct research for SEO strategies for its customer base, PK SEO Services always address specific components of optimization that are crucial for every website owner. Several key elements must be thoroughly evaluated before choosing a credible search engine optimization service. You must consider such details as:

Web Platforms
The platforms used on the Internet are the visual structures that you see when your browser request a certain webpage. Ironically,
like the visuals of different brick & mortar buildings, each webpage is unique because of its shape, size, fixtures and other amenities. You have some very simplistic website, some more premium, and others more interactive depending on the functionality to be used. When looking for webpage load speed, functionality, accessibility, mobility and other features, a company with a good SEO packages is a necessity. Whether you are build a site on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or HTML5 choosing the right platform is crucial, and does require contact with an expert, not just any old SEO service company. Since your platform is you foundation for your website, you must educate yourself regarding all the pros and cons, in which PK SEO Services are the experts.

Keyword Research
Keywords are the true essence of Internet searches, ranking and web traffic. Unknown to most people, keyword research should be a major part in choosing the domain name for your business, service or blog. This research process makes it very important because in many cases domain names, and keyword searches are one in the same. Choosing a name that is relative to the product or service you have to offer can make, or break your business. This process can be very burdensome, however having a reliable SEO service for advice is invaluable.

Content Providers
When plotting a great SEO strategy, one must consider fresh content. Search engines do give greater priority to websites with authentic, fresh content. Many web developers equate fresh content comparable to the air that we breath, the major component of viability and longevity of a website. The above components mentioned are crucial in order to sustain a sites structure, and longevity, however notoriety is the ultimate goal to grow an online business with the maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Google, Yahoo & Bing consider sites with good content credible. These are services not delivered by any SEO Services Sydney has to offer, but by a service company like PK SEO Services considers each element of every process.

All the above-mentioned processes are crucial for the SEO Services Sydney has to offer to it’s consumers. The marketplace often offers quick solutions that often don’t work. Often many of these companies take short cuts, and produce horrible work. However, there is a company that is credible, efficient and trustworthy to depend upon all of your SEO needs, and that is PK SEO Services.


Campbelltown SEO


Need a website design SEO Company to guarantee growth for your business? Campbelltown Seo are your best bet. Apart from the regular day to day Seo services they know all that is required to cater for your firm’s business requirements.

Why opt For seo Campbelltown?

It’s not easy arriving at the decision which An SEO service best suits your website needs. Most search engines today are dynamically evolving. Even a slight change can drastically affect the SEO rankings of your website. Website optimization Campbelltown experts are capable of adjusting accordingly ensuring that your website ranks well on all search engines.

Why Adopt A Website SEO Strategy?

The visibility of your website online is very important for your brand. Seo optimization is one great way of raising your brands online profile. A strategic seo strategy aims at ensuring your website realizes a return on investment. Progress is demanded of every step and various strategies are adopted such as social media to create more brand awareness. The professionals at Seo Campbelltown do not discriminate on business size and grant all our clients the best of service.At Campbelltown Seo the client is always the top priority. Hiring charges are brought down to a minimum without compromising quality. All assignments are completed within the pre-described schedule. Most of the tasks are carried out simultaneously ensuring that website remains online throughout.

Increase website rankings

Available round the clock you can rest assured that the web experts will be working on improving your online presence throughout. Your website will feature top among searches. This is arrived at through ensuring that the content on your site has the right keywords and is reader friendly. The level of success achieved with clients who subscribe to Campbell Seo services is very high. Any new developments realized are immediately notified to the client without charging them any extra fees. One important attribute of an ideal web optimization service is it must be affordable and up to the task.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

The website optimization service increases your sales income as your site realizes more conversions. Generally the popularity of your website increases in the process. As long as you stick to their recommended guidelines and allow timely improvements they add you will witness a rapidly expanding presence. SEO optimization services increase the overall popularity of the website attracting more traffic.

Competitive Advantage

The web experts regularly keep tabs on your competitor websites and apply what is needed to maintain an upper hand on your sites user experience.

Optimized PPC (Pay per clicks campaigns)

This online based marketing approach involves the advertiser paying the online publisher (Google) whenever one of their adds are clicked on. In most cases this service heavily relies on keywords.

A Real Company

Seo Campbelltown has a local office with a web design team so all operations are totally legitimate. Working with SEO Campbelltown is very smooth as they are take full control over your online presence and work to bring in more traffic. The eventual aim of website optimization is to ensure that your business realizes a return on investment.








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